"A Show Out of Ideas Teams Up with A Show Out of Episodes"


Last night's episode of The Simpsons was a crossover with Matt Groening's other show, recently-canceled Futurama, and it was a hit! Seeing the familiar characters interact (and compare themselves to their similar counterparts) was fun though it seemed to be the main point of this episode. The plot seemed a little thin which might have improved if we had gotten an hour long episode (like the Family Guy crossover).

Essentially, the episode is about Bender going back in time to the 21st century to kill Bart who accidentally created an evil rabbit hybrid in a time capsule that creates chaos in the 31st century. Despite not having a lot to move the plot forward, experiencing the Planet Express crew in Springfield and The Simpsons in the future was enough to make the crossover episode worth watching. All of the inside jokes the characters joke about made the fans laugh and ultimately miss Futurama even more.

Overall, the episode was a wonderful tribute to the dearly departed Futurama and an interesting mashup of relationships. The best part was probably the way Homer and Bender got along instantly (and then Bart's quip about how they're essentially drawn the same way). The only disappointment, in my opinion, is that it wasn't an hour-long special but I'm hoping maybe this isn't the only time we'll see these characters interact? I'm looking at you, Groening...


Rating: 8/10


Written by: Brittany Lopez