To all of the customers that visited us at Denver Comic Con, we thank you for a wonderful, busy weekend! And if you weren't at DCC, thank you for bearing with us as we had to close the store Saturday through Sunday to focus on the con. This year's comic con was a success, and not just for us, but for everyone! We had record breaking attendance this year with a total of 101,500 people!! We are among the big leagues now and are the third largest comic con in the US! It feels great to be a part of such a huge gathering of geeks and nerds of all kinds in one awesome place! So we are thankful for the business and look forward to next year's show with hopefully an even bigger turn-out for DCC's 5th year! If you'd like to see some cool pictures of cosplayers and read more about Denver Comic Con, check out this article from!

See ya next year, DCC!