Good Morning fellow fans and Jedi ! I just received my copy of the new Hardback "The Making of Return of the Jedi" by J.W. Rinzler. It's the third book following "The Making of Star Wars" and "The Making of The Empire Strikes Back". These are hands-down the BEST books on the making of our favorite movies ever. I've read a lot of "Making Of" books (Making of Blade Runner : Film Noir" and "The Jaws Log : Making of Jaws" are my next favorites) and these are the most informative books on the holy trilogy. The books are over 350 pages and contain information and interviews never before seen or heard. You can literally sit in on film discussions between George Lucas, Lawerence Kasdan and Richard Marquand. The book contains complete transcripts between their brainstorming and you get the chance to get inside their heads as they come up with ideas that will shape mine and your life.

I thought I would list some fun finds to share with fellow fans so you guys can get a glimpse of this incredible book.

-George Lucas was so unhappy with what Boba Fett was turning out to be that he literally said, "Enough, throw him in the pit already."   !!!! Holy Cow!!!!

-There was going to be multiple Death Stars being built and the Emperor wasn't going to be on one of them when it blew up. The Emperor was going to be on the Imperial Center Planet of Had Abbadon. He later changed the name to Coruscant as we all know from the Timothy Zahn "Thrawn Trilogy" novels.