Prometheus has been on every sci-fi fan’s lips since 2009 when Fox first  announced that a potential prequel to Alien was in the works.

Once Ridley Scott agreed to helm the project excitement gathered at a frantic  pace. As the film developed, Scott warned the film would be a ‘nod’ in places to  his original Alien but would ultimately be a stand-alone concept. On Sunday  night I entered my local cinema feeling nervous, apprehensive and excited about  seeing Prometheus. A friend asked me to text him a numbered rating. As the  lights came up I texted 8.5. An hour later I changed my mind to 7.5. Before  finally falling asleep I texted it back up to 8…  And there is the  challenge of Prometheus – it’s a film that makes you change your mind the more  you think about it.

Like all potential classics it will need repeated viewings to make a final  judgement on if it’s truly a masterpiece or an over-blown disappointment. Here  my reasons for and against: