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Star Wars 1983 Vintage Kenner
Y-Wing Fighter
Original Retail Price $19.99
History: Created by Koensayr Manufacturing, Y-Wings are the workhorse of the Rebel Alliance and fondly known as the "wishbone" to many veteran pilots of the Rebellion. The Y-Wing is well-shielded and sports a mighty payload due to the tremendous amount of photon/proton torpedoes it can carry. The ship is slightly sluggish and ungainly in combat: the Alliance needed an upgrade. Hence, the Rebellion created the B-Wing heavy assault starfighter, which should have ended the discussion but although the B-Wing was planned as a phase-out/direct replacement of the Y-Wing, the new vessel didn't quite serve it's purpose. As a result, the two vehicles are used together is assaults against the Empire's capital ships. Used in conjunction, the two ships are a powerful match.

Toy Story: As a toy, one of the most remarkable features of Kenner's Y-Wing is it's ability to house an astromech droid in a large socket located immediately behind the cockpit. The Y-Wing marks the only craft in the whole of the vintage toy line that affords collectors this amazing opportunity to hold R2-D2 or R5-D4 in this socket. Collector's should note that the Y-Wing is a bit fragile, with each engine able to be disassembled into six different parts. Possessing "Laser Cannon" sounds and engine pods that can be removed to do repairs it also features landing gear. You can also drop "bombs" from underneath the fighter and it also has a top gun turret. 
Summary: The Y-Wing is one of my personal favorite ships and I love the look of the ship. It looks great with X-Wings and B-Wings. Even though it retailed for only $19.99, prices have now increased to $50 loose on up to $400 in box depending on condition and if it's in a sealed box or not. Great investment. 

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