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Star Wars 1979 Vintage Kenner
Boba Fett Action Figure
Original Retail Price $1.99
History: As advertised on Kenner's early promotional material, this new character in the not yet named Star Wars sequel is "a fearsome intergalactic bounty hunter and a threat to the Rebel Alliance, especially Han Solo!" Unavailable in any retail store at the time, the only way to obtain the mysterious helmeted being known as Boba Fett was via mail-away, for this bounty hunter was the first in a long line of mail-away action figures. You needed to obtain four proof-of-purchase seals necessary for redemption. After mailing away these POPs to Kenner, 6 to 8 weeks later a Boba Fett figure with his "rocket firing backpack" showed up at your door. Packaged in a plain white mailer box with a product catalog, Boba Fett was sealed in a translucent baggie with his requisite laser rifle accessory-yet without his rocket firing backpack. A small white sheet was also included within the box as a means of explanation of this missing part, that "the launcher has been removed for safety reasons." Apparently, the directive to remove Boba Fett's rocket was given in response to an accident that occured as a result of Mattel's missile firing Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper vehicle that had injured a child. Approximately two million of these toys were recalled and a modification of Boba Fett's backpack were done to include the rocket now being glued into the socket.

Character History: One of the most popular and infamous of all the characters in the Star Wars world, Boba Fett begins his life as an unaltered clone on his "father" the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. Boba Fett was created by the cloners of the planet Kamino in 32 BBY as the first of many replicas of Jango Fett which included the first Clone Troopers and eventually even included Stormtroopers. After witnessing his father's brutal murder at the hands of Mace Windu, Boba becomes distrustful of others as well as most Jedi Knights. Utilizing his father's ship (Slave 1) and a suit of Mandalorian armor belonging to his father's mentor, Jaster Mereel, he begins to travel the galaxy, having retained the countless lessons Jango taught him on being a skilled capable bounty hunter. 

Summary: My all time favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett is simply the coolest looking character in Star Wars for me. The design is a beautiful collaboration between Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston. It's a combo of both native american and cowboy. Part war horse and outlaw Josey Wales. The fact that he doesn't speak a lot just leads to the mystery and coolness of his character.

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