Star Wars -- "You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?"- Han Solo

Star Wars


Where it all began. May 25, 1977. There was nothing like it. We all loved the movie and we had to have the toys. Everybody knows the story about the Early Bird Certificate. Star Wars blew up in May and every kid wanted the toys. There were no toys to sell. So in December, six months later, Kenner created the Early Bird Certificate and children received the box during the 1977 holiday season. It was an empty box with a certificate to mail away for four exclusive Star Wars action figures – Luke Skywalker (with double telescoping lightsaber), Princess Leia, R2-D2 and Chewbacca (with Green Crossbow).

The original vintage line consisted of over 100 action figures! We always try to carry most or all of them. This line is a great way to start collecting as they are the most popular and usually the best return on investment. You don't need a lot of money to start and we have most loose vintage figures starting at $10.00.  Star Wars action figures were originally released in 1978, selling for just $1.49, along with a select few 12 inch figures. These original Star Wars figures remain the most collectible of the iconic action figures.  Kenner went on to produce action figures for “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi,” and the extremely popular original Power of the Force 1985 action figures.  Nine years later, Hasbro, which now ownes Kenner released Star Wars action figures once again. The "modern" line started back up in 1995 and continues through today.

Owner, Carlos Lopez is a true fan and expert of Star Wars toys and continues to bring the Star Wars experience to a new generation.  He understands what is important to collectors and offers quality pieces at reasonable prices.  Looking for a specific piece to compliment your collect? Put us to work for you!  Contact us and let us know what we can help you find. 


May the Force be with you...always.

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